This learning path provides the opportunity to examine gender issues through a series of courses that cover widespread courses that touch on gender equality, women empowerment, gender mainstreaming, and the link between these topics and specific thematic areas such as rural migration and statistics to measure the progress in achieving the gender equality.

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Introduction to gender

Self-paced Suitable for All 150 minute

This course aims to develop and / or enhance awareness and understanding of gender equality and women's empowerment as a first step towards changing behavior and integrating gender into the daily work of all United Nations personnel at headquarters, regional and country levels.

Migration and gender

Self-paced Suitable for All 55 minute

This one-lesson course considers the gender dimension of rural migration. As men and women experience migration differently, to reduce the vulnerability and empower both rural women migrants and women who stay behind, it is essential to integrate gender into policies and programmes on migration and rural development.

2030 Agenda and the SDGs

Mainstreaming Gender in Voluntary National Reviews

Self-paced Suitable for All 1 hour

Mainstreaming a gender perspective into the preparation and content of VNRs will help to integrate gender equality into national policies, programmes and mechanisms to implement the Sustainable Development Goals.