Social expenditure monitor (Coming soon)


Social Expenditure Monitor (SEM): A tool to support budgeting and fiscal policy reform  

The notion of social expenditure varies across countries and depends on progress in social development priorities. Ideally, social expenditure aims to maximize well-being through access to quality services and social protection. Appropriate social expenditure constitutes “social investments” that promote inclusive and sustainable growth. Governments that are seeking to avoid welfare deterioration will have to devise and put into place fiscal policies and social expenditure allocations that are sustainable. 


To address these challenges, ESCWA has embarked on a project entitled Social Expenditure Monitor (SEM): An Integrated Framework for Supporting Macro-Fiscal Policies and the SDGs. A pioneering tool for Arab States, the SEM will provide comprehensive mapping of public social expenditure to inform budgeting and social policy reforms and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of budgeting.  

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