Public sector leadership certificate


There are a multitude of strategies, books and resources designed to improve your leadership skills. But if you work in the public sector, do these strategies apply to you? What is different about leadership within a public organization?

In this course, Seth Harris, former United States Deputy Secretary of Labor, will help you explore these questions. You will assess your own leadership skills as well as examine your own organization to determine its unique characteristics. You will also examine your employees and teams to better understand what motivates them to work in the public sector. With a better understanding of both your organization and your people, you will have the opportunity to use several leadership models and goal-setting approaches that can help you determine which leadership strategies and behaviours will be most effective in your organization.

The course covers the following topics:

  • Leadership skills and traits in public organizations;
  • Assessing your public sector organization;
  • Motivating public sector employees;
  • Public sector leadership strategies;
  • Goal setting in public sector organizations;
  • Leading public sector teams to success.


Target audience:

  • Individuals working in or with public service or public policy organizations;
  • Leaders, aspiring leaders and staff who work in organizations involved in public affairs or engaged with government at any level;
  • People who work in or with non-profits, education institutions or non-governmental organizations;
  • People who work in or with law enforcement organizations.