Introductory e-Course on Climate Change

This e-course provides “everything you need to know” about the basics of climate change. It is divided into six modules, each taking an average of 2 hours to complete. Each has 4 to 5 learning objectives. A short quiz at the end of each module allows you to verify if you have achieved these learning objectives. You have three attempts to try each quiz. 


Once all 6 modules are completed with above 70% of passing scores individually, you will receive a certificate of completion. Your certificate will be automatically available on the 'achievement' section under the course page. You can decide to take all modules or choose to select those that most interest you.


All modules are available as PDF and PowerPoint Presentation for offline study or training purposes. The modules also include links to other UN resources on climate change, which provides a gateway to more in-depth and specific information.

Course Details
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    Suitable for All
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    12 hours