Publıc leaders

Through a series of courses developed by eCornell University and translated by ESCWA, this learning path offers a series of courses that help government officials and other stakeholders in the region investigate ways to become better leaders in the sector.

The path consists of six core courses that help you understand the organization through a structured framework and covers topics ranging from classic leadership conundrum to employee motivation, leadership strategies, and performance pyramid, which helps you measure and monitor your organization's progress toward those goals.

You will assess your own leadership skills as well as examine your own organization to determine its unique characteristics. You will also examine your employees and teams to better understand what motivates them to work in the public sector. With a better understanding of both your organization and your people, you will be able to use several leadership models and goal-setting approaches that can help you determine which leadership strategies and behaviors will be most effective in your organization.

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Leading Teams

Self-paced Suitable for All 4 weeks

Learn how to build your team, improve teamwork and collaboration, and sustain team performance through continuous learning and improvement.